Pike’s Pass Packs

Meet Simon. Simon is just one of the ways Pike’s can make your life even better. Simon is our very own robot that helps our team make Pike’s Pass Packs. Exactly what is a Pass Pack? We were hoping you would ask!

You’ve seen pill boxes before, right? A little hole for every day with your medications in all the right spots so they’re organized. Simon takes the pill box idea and does it up right. With his help, we’ll package all your prescriptions so they are organized by day and by time of day in one continuous strip. After checking, and re-checking, we’ll pack your strip up for you in a box designed to hold it just right. Then, tomorrow when you’re running out the door and need to take your medicine, you can simply tear off the pack containing your meds and take them with you. How easy is that?! Pike’s Pass Packs are an inventive solution for the person that needs a extra help remembering to take their medication. They’re huge time-savers for adult children taking care of their aging parents. They’re also fantastic for those on the go. Imagine you’re going on vacation. No need to pack all your pill bottles. Just tear the days you’ll be gone from your strip and throw it in your overnight bag. With all the organization and preparation done for you, you might find you have some extra time on your hands. Danger, Will Robinson!