Medication Reviews

Let’s say you’re looking at your stack of medicine bottles and wonder, “Why am I taking all these pills, anyway?” We can help with that! It just so happens insurance companies have realized that pharmacists are helpful in this area. So much so, in fact, that they sometimes ask us to give you a call and review your medications with you. When they do that, there’s absolutely no charge to you and we’re happy to oblige.

During our date, called a comprehensive medication review (CMR), you’ll sit down with one of our pharmacists. We’ll go over each prescription carefully to find out why you’re taking it and to be sure you’re taking the correct dose at the correct time. Especially if you see more than one doctor, it’s easy to wind up taking two different medications that do the same thing or be missing the one you really need. We can help you with finding less expensive alternatives to some of your medications, too. The CMR is a little like a real date. Sometimes we find problems. Sometimes your meds are nothing short of perfection. Whatever the case, we’re on it, treating you just like family.