Information & Advice

Here at Pike’s, our pharmacists aren’t hidden behind a wall. As a matter of fact, we’re often the first to greet you when you stop in. As one of our patients, we invite you to ask us questions. That’s what we’re here for! Questions about your prescriptions, questions about a new diagnosis, questions about lab numbers your doctor sent, questions about that rash on your arm. We’ll do our very best to answer in a way that makes sense to you. Sometimes the rash on your arm isn’t as simple as it seems and really needs to be seen by a doctor. If that’s the case, we’ll tell you that, too. Give us a shout. We’re here to help and we’ll even do it without keeping you waiting around forever. Try THAT at a chain drugstore. Isn’t it time you got unCHAINed at Pike’s?

Need help choosing a new Medicare Part D plan? We can help. We’ve got tools to help us show you options so you can choose the best plan for your needs!