Health & Beauty

Looking for something your grandmother’s bestie told you would calm a colicky baby? We’ve got that! We specialize in hard to find old remedies. Everything from Bag Balm to Creomulsion has a spot on our shelves. And while we don’t carry office supplies and groceries, we sure can help find the cure for what ails you! We’re happy to take a few minutes to help you choose the right product and be sure you know how to use it. For instance, did you know that fancy moisturizer you just bought will work much better if your skin is still warm and moist from the shower? Here’s the best part. If you’re thinking the prices at those chain drugstores are better, you just might be wrong! We work hard to be sure our prices on the things you need are some of the best in town. It’s another reason to get unCHAINed and come shop at Pike’s.