Refills 1-2-3-4!

We make it easy to request refills!

  • Email it!
  • Head to our pharmacy website. Click on the hamburger and find your way to online refills. Enter your info and it will transmit to us securely.
  • Use our app! RxLocal is our app for prescription refills. RxLocal gives you serious power in your palm. You can send us requests to refill your medication, set refill reminders, even message with us securely (if you selected to do so at the point of sale while in the pharmacy). While you’re at it, you can ask us to deliver your prescription or tell us when you’re coming to pickup. To learn more about RxLocal, click here or download the app by texting RXLOCAL to 64890.
  • Finally, low tech never fails. Just call us! 704-563-2286. When you call, you can speak with us in person or type in your prescription number.

If you need to request a refill and time is tight, it is always best to call. That way, we’ve heard your voice and we know what you need.

Want to be sure your prescriptions are ready before you head over? Sign up for text notifications. When we put your things in the bin, you’ll get a text letting you know how many prescriptions are waiting for you.