Sweet’s Syrup Coming to Pike’s!

We are so excited to announce that beginning later this week, Sweet’s Syrup will be coming to Pike’s. You asked and we were determined to get the best of the best! Elderberry syrup has been quite a topic for the last few years when it comes to cold and flu season.  Sweet’s Syrup contains only a few simple, high quality ingredients including elderberries, raw honey, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and Vitamin C.  With organic elderberries and locally sourced honey, Sweet’s gives you a fighting chance to protect against colds, flu and to lessen the burden of allergies.

Sweet’s only uses raw, locally sourced honey which soothes a sore throat and truly helps to relive cough.  Most elderberry syrups use honey that has been heated or pasturized. While this makes the products safe to store on the shelf at room temperature, the process also destroys many of the antioxidants, minerals and enzymes found in honey which are what make it so amazing! After all that processing, it’s hardly honey anymore!  We’re pleased to be able to offer Sweet’s here at Pike’s. Be sure to stop in and ask about it!